The Halves That Make A Human Whole 
​From its first moment to its very last, the living substance out of which ​experiencing ​comes never ceases its vital activity. It keeps right on configuring what you ​have, are, and do into all that it is still becoming.

And the whole that this results in, each and every succeeding moment, remains something unique, unprecedented, self-contained, and complete. (Even if cloned, each clone would also be a distinct reality all its own -- growing ever more pronounced over time.) The key question is this: at what point do you see the unfolding of your own such development as ​YouHowever people answer this question sets the picture they hold of life and determines the understanding they have of the world and themselves in it.

All of this shows plainly in the simultaneously interrelating halves of human experiencing: the forming of the body and the fashioning of the life to which they both belong. These two can't be separated, for one can no more imagine ​experiencing  without a body to contain it, any more than one can imagine it apart from the process in which it continues to occur. In brief, ​your experiencing connects you to what your being is becoming.

The forming of your body

​​The fashioning of your life


Listen with your ears, mind, and soul for how the initial melody of the piece here (begun on the piano alone) undergoes the living out of its entire life. Inevitably affected by the varying qualities brought its way as time moves along, it takes every occurrence in stride and into itself -- yet in doing so never ceases to remain true to its inherent nature and endeavor, only growing all the more intent in its resolve to finally arrive: by completing the uniquely finished and mature being held deep within as its aim from the start.  

This even contains an abrupt break of the same kind that any turning point in life exhibits -- at 2min:35sec. for a few seconds -- after which the life process picks up once again, from the precise point at which it left off!  So, the overall piece piece shapes its essence from a simpls piano solo to a full-fledged symphonic orchestration with choral accompaniment, which, finally and fittingly, comes to its pure, plain, and natural end.   

​Viewing this as being about the lives of others makes it easier to see it basically as a whole with many conflicting subplots. Every life is filled with countless things side by side that do not seem at all related -- yet when put together, they affect each other all the more powerfully. Whatever happens in any life simply is what it is, but the view the person experiencing it holds can change significantly over time. But most people see little of how they see things in general, yet it affects them all the same. 

​It's wonderful to come across the door to a new way of seeing, yet it's something else altogether to actually go through it. But more wondrous than both of these is to find the door within one's embodied self that allows one to go in and out of it at will to actually fashion the ongoing experience of living one's life in the world.


The Two Who Personally Opened Me To Seeing Life 
In This Way

​​Jonas Salk . . .

​(a revised capsule bio-sketch is coming here) 
Stanley Keleman . . .

​(​a revised capsule bio-sketch is coming here​)

Life Is Lived Through These Twin Tendings Of Our Nature That Ever Move Us On
working both inwardly in our tending to and outwardly in our tending toward 
as they are typified in

        ​​    tending to the garden ...

         . . . with a cram-packed array of experiencings strung all along in between               


           ​or tending towards the stars
 -- whether these range in quality from the serene and far-off distances at the edges of the earth, where time slows to a standstill and goes unnoticed . . .
 . . . or those surging swells that break in upon one's awareness so forcefully they leave us drenched with the splash and spray of what's happening at the moment.

Experiencing can suddenly swoosh up, or down, or swing completely around between the two extremes depicted here, transforming itself the next minute into something  so bland and blah-like that it makes one wonder what all the fuss was about and whether what happened was actually even "real." And so it is and goes with this enduring, ever-active realm of experiencing in which we humans enduringly dwell, and where things merely imagined can still nevertheless either mollify or terrify.