​​3 Ways Through
​​​What this website is about -- ​human experiencing ​-- instantly applies to each and every reader differently in a unique way. Why? Because the topic (its actual substance and all of its content) isn't on any page you can see before you; but rather is something that is taking place inside you each minute. It never occurs "in general" at all. Instead, it's found in one place only: in a living human being, which makes it something ​very specific, alive, pulsating, specific, alive, breathing, and local -- which always comes with a distinctly embodied, ready-made, complete individual identity. 

This unusual fact results in some rather startling and absolute outcomes. The chief of which is: ​​It makes all experiencing a personal matter. There simply isn't any other kind to be found anywhere. But that fact ushers in another equally sweeping one that needs to be taken into account too: ​There are as many forms of human experiencing as there are people doing it.  Because each of those is a one-of-a-kind and altogether unique.

​And these two outcomes combine to yield an undeniably decisive result: ​However you come to experience this site lies completely in your own two hands. 

​Here are the three main ways that I believe people are likely to move through this site -- and a glimpse at the decidedly different outcomes to which each one is likely to lead.


​​​​The Easy Way

​#1  -  The "Cable Car" Approach

​The Likely Way

​​​​​​A sightseeing ride

The first way through is to attempt  to "get the sense" sense" of a place without actually engaging anything of itself. Goethe once spoke of people who "read all the words but miss the book." That can surely happen with this site. Then, the only thing available is what can be seen while rolling along the rails of one's customary conceptual tracks. This limits everything to the previously known and the familiar. A few new views, a little information maybe -- but no really significant discoveries. You may even catch glimpses of some very interesting doors, but from your seat on the trolly you can't cross a single threshold.   

​​​It's in this way that most people will probaby navigate this website. It has value -- albeit a very limited one -- but after they finish their short trolly ride, they'll surely continue on the way to whatever their next destination is, and soon, forget all about it. 

​#2  -  The "Excursion" Approach 


​A Better Way

A genuine attempt

This requires stepping off the trolly and into some actual aspect of the life going on both within and around you. It's already there, to be sure, but you must either experience some actual piece of it here directly -- or you'll miss the experiential variety available here.

The first of the two ​​General Introduction ​videos treats all this directly and gives an instance of experiencing to dive headlong into the exploration of it. (See ​Video 1 A ​at the bottom of the page entitled 'Experiencing.' And all the rest of 'The Personal Dimension' videos carry this involvement activity further.)

But there are a host of ways to freshen human experiencing through very simple means, such as shutting off your computer and cell phone altogether, while you go away to live a little more, by happening upon an engaging face, or deliberately taking a walk down an unfamiliar side street, or returning to whatever other vistas are there in your life -- before coming back here to pick up on the central venture of this site once more. 



​​​The BestWay

​#​3  -  The "Crossing Over" Approach . . . in order to keep going on from here    


​​​The Best Way

​The Best Way

A Continuing Involvement

What becomes clearer each day to all who seek a
a greater understanding of their own experiencing is: ​How it is always simultaneously both enacted and embodied. Even the tiniest piece of one also points to the other -- because, at root, every "attitude" is, so to speak, a stance or posture too. And you too can come to recognize those tell-tale signs of what sense is being made by noticing what your own body feels and is managing when it does something in particular, and vice versa. You quickly start to spot the physicalizations going on there within yourself (as you begin noticing it in others as well). This, to be sure, opens the door to many unexpected future learnings and discoveries. School yourself to look for the quality and the ​movement ​(or physical aspects) that accompany your actions -- and you'll be surprised at how much you see that you paid little or no attention to before. (Take time to keep at this! Always be in it for the long haul when dealing with something from life itself. Just think how interests like being a dancer can announce themselves early in a child, and yet take years to fully come into their own.)
​​​Quality​ is an extraordinary notion, referring to the essential aspect of a thing that it is never without, which may take a good while to learn to see and understand. As Francis Bacon intimated, "Knowledge is power." And who  wields power more artfully than those who can accurately discern the quality of a thing -- who rightly "read its soul," as we also sometimes speak of this. Artistic renderings can instantly suggest ways in which ​quality intersects, infuses,  and intermingles with what we take in from our experience.     

​On the left, think of ​​​Past & Present

Many things do indeed turn into something colossal over time, but they can also wear down to almost nothing and even disappear. At whichever end of such a span you may stand, you are either on the beginning or the ending side of an extensive development stretching over aeons. If you can climb up to that ladder spreading over the reaches of the land as far as you can see, you notice worn-out trails traversed by many before, including one apparently still in use. Yet the prospect of trekking to the horizon gives one pause, for it appears endless, and is visibly subject to storm. While with the dark walkway through the doors underneath, the overhanging terrain beckons with a brighter, friendlier world every bit as big and boundless, appearing to start on just the other side of the barn -- and it's already there! Perhaps those who go through the tunnel reach that same distant world of the past, but far sooner than those who choose to take the old, time-worn, much longer way.

​On the right, think of ​​Night & Day

​Both are real, certainly, but the two aren't at all the same, and each has overriding qualities that are not there in the other. Ever notice what a nighttime thought -- an inspired one, let's say -- looks like in the cold hard light of the next morning? It loses the glowing certainty it held the night before. And amidst the brimming bustle of all that must be done to keep from falling behind, it's time to get on with more important things. But is that where the matter stays from then on? Perhaps. But wait until the night thought comes back into your mind sometime when you're rather tired and it's really pitch dark outside. It may suddenly regain all of its appealing glow, as you feel a twinge of regret for not having followed through on what again seems not to be a bad idea. 

​Who This Site Is For

​​​Though open to anyone, this site isn't for everyone. It's for those who strongly feel and deeply believe that -- ​significant discoveries and decisions are yet to be found in their own experiencing, and who wish to further and deepen their understanding of it.

​They may be anywhere from age twelve upward, of any gender or sexual orientation, of any race, nationality, or country, of any religious persuasion or lack of it -- who are of a humane, respectful, and civil frame of mind, granting all others here the right to be and do the same.

Every fitting user of this site will quickly notice that its chief aim is to bring to light the characteristic way one chooses to relate to themselves, others, and the world. That is where the attention of each person is most fruitfully focused -- and where the most worthwhile  discoveries will arise. These individuals already have those questions they are ready to find their own answers to. And it's this kind of genuine, whole-hearted, real-self seeking that immediately "restores to people their own experiencing."  They'll gather whatever of value is to be found on this website.  And they are the ones it's truly meant for and to whom it most belongs. 
The Body Connects You To What There Is, Introduces You To Your Own Soul, And Then
Links You To The Mind Itself

The relative age, size, and significance of both the body (elephant) and the person (child) depicted in relation to each other. When people come at life in the way a child does, it then opens them up to experiencing everything else that is real.

And it is particularly there in the words one adopts and in the images one uses to accomplish all this that things quickly thicken and start to get tricky. For as Henry David Thoreau observed, "My life has been the poem I would have writ, but I could not both live and utter it." 

Because with every word at any time, one can either decide to use or mention it -- or both!