​  T​​he human realm is as vast as it is immense. Its reach extends to everything that is, was, or ever will be known to and populated by humankind. Simply put, it is human life forming and fashioning itself into all it ever becomes.

​Though unseen as an object by any eye, this substantive, sentient, steady unfolding of the human organism is as real as any blade of grass, rock, raindrop, tree, creature, cloud, person, planet, star, or galaxy to be found anywhere -- and just as with all of these, it too has a physical existence.

​So then, ​experiencing ​is the first, last, most immediate and enduring environment in which we humans dwell. Indeed, it's the only abiding one we have. It ​is​ the human realm! And yet, we seldom pause to even think of it at all. The purpose here is to do exactly that. Its aim is not to suggest or imply how anyone should live. Instead, it's to bring to light the too often ignored but nonetheless fundamental and formative influences at work there in everyone's life, so that by becoming more immediately aware of these, people can then take the helm to more deliberately steer the ongoing unfolding of their lives.

​We begin this endeavor by first occasioning an actual piece of each reader's own personal experience. Then, building on that, we dive headlong into the full range of experiencing that any individual goes through, ranging all the way from conception to death -- including the general living out of the whole of it as found in human culture -- in hopes of initiating a wider and ever-growing understanding of both the internal as well as the external workings of . . . ​the human realm.

its objective side

its subjective side

. . . and its external manifestation in human culture and society as fashioned across a person's entire span.
The enacted and embodied life-process of the individual physically formed from beginning to end . . .

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"Of the countless realities there are, the four greatest I know are God or the Holy, the universe, life, and human experience.  And the significance of the latter is that for all human beings, the first three can be known only through it." 
                                                                           -- Gene Ruyle